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Introduction of Soapy Soap

You now have the power to choose

what goes into your soap.

DesignMySoap is the world's first online soapmaking studio.

The soaps YOU design are guaranteed to be 100% AWESOME!

Information about the quality of Soapy Soap Company products

Made from scratch to exact specifications


Always all-natural






Vegan and Cruelty Free



And they'll arrive within about 10 days, ready to use!

Not sure where to start? Here's how it works:



Pick Your Base

Pick the base that best matches your skin type. The base your choose will change how your bar feels.



Pick up to 3 Add-Ins

These add-ins will change the texture of the bar. They all have their own properties and uses. Choose the one that’s right for you.



Wasn't that easy? Your soap will arrive for you to enjoy in about 10 business days. Our soapsmiths work extra hard to get your soap to you as fast as possible.

Your Personal Soapsmiths

Co-founder of Soapy Soap Company, Mohammed A. Mahdi

Mohammed A. Mahdi

Co-founder of Soapy Soap Company, Mohammed M. Mahdi

Mohammed M. Mahdi

Co-founder of Soapy Soap Company, Anthony Duncan

Anthony Duncan is brought to you by Soapy Soap Company, based in Bloomington, Indiana. Started in 2012, Soapy Soap Company is owned and operated by three best friends who live and work together around the clock—brothers Mohammed A. and Mohammed M. Mahdi and Anthony Duncan.

When you design a soap using, Mohammed A., Mohammed M., and Anthony serve as your personal soapsmiths. They have long had a passion for making all-natural soaps, and they truly love what they do.

Here's hoping every time you wash with a DesignMySoap bar, some of their happiness rubs off onto you!

Start Designing!

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